Probate is a process whereby the Superior Court is involved in overseeing the distribution of a decedent’s estate to its beneficiaries.There are two types of probate estates – testate or intestate. A probate estate that is considered testate is one in which the individual died with some form of Last Will and Testament which outlines how the decedent would like the estate property distributed. An intestate estate is one where the decedent dies without a valid Last Will and Testament or with no Last Will and Testament. In cases where the decedent died intestate, the court has to make a determination about the beneficiaries to the estate. An intestate estate is distributed to the relatives of the decedent whereas a testate estate is distributed to the individuals the decedent names in the Last Will and Testament.

Entrust acts as the Personal Representative or Special Administrator of decedent estates. Entrust can be nominated as a personal representative or successor personal representative by a competent individual during the creation of their estate plan. Entrust can also be nominated by the beneficiaries of a Last Will and Testament.

Entrust has significant experience in handling a wide variety of estates including small, relatively simple probate estates to complex estates with property in multiple states.

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