Entrust contracts with competent individuals to provide a range of consulting services.

If you’re considering petitioning for guardianship/conservatorship of a loved one, we can walk you through the procedures and assist you in assessing the complexity of the case; whether to seek only guardianship and turn conservatorship or trust administration over to a professional; and help save you legal fees by helping you prepare thoroughly for the meeting with your attorney. Entrust always encourages all individuals to seek guidance from legal counsel when attempting to navigate the probate court system. Entrust Fiduciary Services, Inc. cannot and does not provide legal advice.

We can assist family fiduciaries (e.g. agent under power of attorney) in carrying out their responsibilities. We can guide you through the ethical, medical, and financial considerations you must weigh in making decisions for someone else. We can help you understand not only the laws of Arizona related to protection of persons under disability, but also our Fiduciary Code of Conduct — a higher standard of care — in making the best decision you can given the circumstances and available information.

There is no need to go it alone: Taking care of an incapacitated relative is demanding work. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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