A conservator is an individual who is appointed by the court to “conserve” and manage the assets of another individual. It is not necessary to be appointed as a person’s guardian in order to protect their property and finances. There are a number of things the court takes into consideration when determining if an individual needs a conservator. The main thing considered is if the individual has assets that may be wasted or lost because they are unable to protect themselves from coercion, exploitation or theft.

Our office serves as conservator for individuals who are incapacitated, vulnerable, developmentally disabled, suffer from severe mental illness or are minors. We work according to the Prudent Investor standards to protect the assets of the vulnerable. We strive to ensure our client’s resources are maximized to the fullest extent possible and are used to maintain them in the same standard in which they are accustomed to living.

As a professional fiduciary, Entrust is required to bond in all court-appointed cases. Entrust posts a bond to cover the assets under its management plus one year’s anticipated income.

Since inception, we have recovered over $1 million in cash and assets on behalf of the estates we manage. That number continues to grow as we aggressively seek to recover assets that are stolen or misappropriated from our clients. As dedicated advocates for the rights and welfare of those whom we have been appointed to serve, we have produced countless other results on behalf of client estates including formal evictions and orders of protection, felony theft convictions, over $50,000 in restitution, and one permanent deportation.
To learn more about conservatorship services, please review our “What is a Conservator?” resource document.

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