Entrust takes a progressive leadership role in ensuring that professional, efficient, and compassionate fiduciary services are provided to its clients.

We advocate for outcomes that promote dignity, respect, and enhanced quality of life for our clients.

Clients are served through the least intrusive level of protective services necessary to protect their rights and uphold their best interest.

We respect their wishes, lifestyles, experience, values, and beliefs and strive to ensure that all of those are honored and upheld while working in their best interest.

We Believe

  • All individuals have the right to dignity and respect.
  • All individuals are entitled to courteous, competent services.

Our Commitment

  • We are dedicated the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity.
  • We strive to maintain the highest level of communication and cooperation among all clients, their families, caregivers, and the courts.
  • We endeavor to maintain and support the highest level of knowledge and competency in our profession.

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